Save time, delegate Asana tasks to an assistant!

Who: a virtual assistant is available inside your Asana account so you can delegate tasks to them.

What: administrative tasks, creating content, scheduling, development, design...

How much: starts at $15/h

Assign any Asana task to and we'll discuss the scope and price in the Asana task comments. Or email us 👍

Examples from our clients

EditAlley is working with Tamara to format files.
Milner Marketing is helped by Ivona on their new Wordpress website and by Hayley on their social media presence.
A mobile app agency works with Yasser on migrating from Trello to Asana.
A marketing agency hired Hayley to transcribe meetings.
Templana was helped by Thomas and Birgit for translating content.
Asana Superheroes had Devin design a logo for a new service.
Business Campaigning is working with Hayley to summarize post and share them on social media.

Meet the founder

My name is Bastien, I am an Asana consultant, developer, author, trainer and an Asana Certified Pro.
Working with virtual assistants in Asana has been a game-changer for me, and I wanted to make sure others can benefit from this advantage!

Meet the assistants from around the world

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