Save time, delegate Asana tasks to an assistant!

How does it work: a virtual assistant is available inside your Asana account so you can delegate tasks to him/her.

What can be delegated: administrative tasks, creating content, scheduling, development and more. If you want it done, there is an assistant who can do it.

How much does it cost: $15+ per hour depending on the assistant skills

The Asana Butler

Meet the first Asana Butler! Assign any Asana task to and our butler will take it! He will discuss the scope and price with you directly in the task comments. Try it!

Meet the founder


My name is Bastien, I used Asana for years and recently became an Asana Certified Pro. Working with virtual assistants in Asana has been a game-changer for me, and I wanted to make sure others can benefit from this advantage!

Meet the team from around the world


Anything related to design and business? Devin is the man for you! He provides design, advertising, marketing, and business consultation services!


Tomo is an Asana Certified Pro and Asana Torchbearer. He is also from Japan, and if you work in Asia (or want to expand there), he is your guy for any innovation or development challenge.


Kerry has been working as an administrative assistant for decades, she nows works as a virtual assistant and makes marketing promotional videos. Her superpower is being super flexible, because life moves quickly!


Ivona is a mom (the most complicated job of all), a data entry operator, a web-designer and a great virtual assistant! She has two superpowers: empathy and optimism!


Tamara is an organization freak (in a friendly way) that especially likes to work with social media, email marketing campaigns and project management. Her superpower? Adapting herself to the client!


Tiana is an audio engineer working on her own media company. She runs live events, designs web pages, and manages social media. Her superpowers? Finding and filling the gaps!


Yasser is web developer, project manager, husband, father, traveler and Jazz music lover. Don't mind the order, he does it all at the same time anyway! He has two superpowers: patience and friendliness.


Shealeigh is a Canadian with a passion for writing, editing and marketing. Her superhuman eye for grammar makes her an awesome virtual assistant.


Meagan is passionate about wellness and entrepreneurship, she operates her own blog and business. Her power: help anyone in need!


Hayley is a Programs Coordinator in Australia, also virtual assisting because she likes the flexibility it offers! No surprise her superpower is multitasking!


Birgit is an assistant from Switzerland now living in Australia, secretly dreaming of working for the music industry. But she'll put her patience and resilience on the table to help your business, whatever it is!


Thomas is an experienced web developer and won't be afraid of some tweaks to be done on your website!

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